“Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the E-Safety project team of Palacký University, a unique course in internet safety for kids Be Safe Online came to life. Superb feedback from thousands of Czech kids is largely credited to Associate Professor Kamil Kopecký who founded the project and with his team has become the project expert advisor. Thanks to the cooperation of Palacký University, Avast Company and influencer Jirka Král, the course resonates with effectual tips in catchy form which helps children stay safe and able to face potentially hazardous situations in online world. We highly value your professionality and enthusiasm to increase e-safety.”

Nina Jakešová, project manager for Be Safe Online in Avast Company


“We highly value the long-term cooperation with the Center for Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication at the Faculty of Education UP. Together we focus on development in e-literacy in relation with prevention and education in e-safety and responsible use of digital technologies. Thanks to this cooperation we succeeded in implementing one of the largest research programs on children e-behavior in the Czech Republic. The Faculty of Education has also become an expert advisory body for the educational program O2 Smart School which mainly assists educators as well as children and parents to better navigate through both the opportunities and traps of the digital world.”

Marie Mališková, manager of social responsibility and sponsoring O2 Czech Republic


“For several years, we have been working together with the Faculty of Education Palacký University in Olomouc on the E-Safety project. Mr. Kopecký and his team have introduced the safe navigation in e-world to our students through the education program Specialized Study for School Methodists of Prevention. As a study organizer, I treasure notably the up-to-date topics in complex issues, density of information, which is otherwise too time-consuming and hard to find, wide range of topics, plain language used to communicate information, case studies, openness, helpfulness and ability of the lecturers to add humor to their education.”

Mgr. et Mgr. Jitka Škarohlídová, P-centrum


“The Police of the Czech Republic have been cooperating with the Palacky University E-Safety project for over ten years on several levels: nationwide (the Police Presidium and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic) and regional (Regional Police Directorates). The police has cooperated with E-Safety mainly in activities linked to cybercrime, notably in prevention (preventive activities aimed at various groups), intervention (crime investigation, analyses, draft solutions, victim support), popularization and also research (analyses of new trends in cyber criminality). Common project activities are significant – the E-Safety and the Police of the Czech Republic together implement whole scale of projects aimed at cybercrime (StopCyberCrime, E-Synergy, Methodologic Materials for Police Officers, etc.). The E-Safety project can be considered as one of the best projects focused on cybercrime in the Czech Republic.”

mjr. Václav Písecký, head of the cybercrime department at the Regional Police Directorate of Prague


“It has been good couple of years since the Regional Police Directorate of the Olomouc Region launched its cooperation with the Palacky University Olomouc E-Safety project. During this period, we participated together in many research projects on risky behavior in cyberspace, cooperated in preventive actions, creation of various procedures, suggestions and most notably leaflets for general public and ranks of employees. To put it simply, if there is a criminal and negative activity in cyberspace using information technology and internet, one cannot do without E-Safety which through its work, concern and attitude strives to anticipate entire negative influence in cyberspace by prevention, education and other successful and important activities. E-Safety analyzes, searches and evaluates new trends in cyberspace which helps enhance our orientation and obviously deepens our very cooperation which proves mutually useful. E-Safety is the best in finding civil solutions and educating about cyber issues in the Czech Republic."

Kpt. Pavel Schweiner, the Regional Police Directorate of the Olomouc Region


“We need high-quality experts and presume that we have been educating our future colleagues from among the students of the Faculty of Education UP.”

PhDr. Lenka Dzidová, head of the Klimkovice Sanatorium staff


“It is necessary for students to be introduced to real treatments they know from their textbooks and in Klimkovice they have gathered many modern treatments not utilized at any other place in the Czech Republic. So far, the cooperation has been excellent, therefore, we have decided to expand it with joint research.” doc. Mgr. Kateřina Vitásková, Ph.D., Institute of Special Education Studies PdF UP

“It is very beneficial for us to be able to meet good many sanatorium clients of various diagnoses which we otherwise would have had a chance to be exposed to.” Tereza Adamcová, student of the Faculty of Education UP

“With its socio-scientific focus, the Faculty of Education UP has been for us an important partner. In late 2019, we addressed faculty representatives with the first task to create a worksheet for visitors of our historic nature trail in our castle park. We look forward to further projects in our cooperation.”

Zuzana Šulcová, state castle Bouzov castellan


“Since 2018 we have worked together with the Institute of Special Education Studies at the Faculty of Education UP in research in the field of vibro-acoustic treatment. We focus on basic and applied research, measurement of autonomous nervous system, alterations in psychosomatic experience of various target groups – pupils with CP, ASD or ADHD and students with specific educational needs. We highly value openness from both the faculty management and scientists, and access to research facilities. We invest resources into technical development (vibro-acoustic bed VIBROBED) and research (purchase of measuring instruments) and thus anticipate synergic and long-lasting cooperation in sound scientific research on top international level.”

Petr Švarc a Zdeněk Vilímek, executive heads ACOUSTIC BROTHERS Ltd.